Thursday, 12 April 2012


To blog or not to blog, that is the question.

I've never blogged before so I'm just playing around to see if it's easy to use.  I'm thinking of using it to post pictures of crafts I'm playing with.  I bounce a round from craft to craft.  I have done  several forms of embroidery, a little tatting, a little crochet and lately I've been playing with  paper crafts, mostly card making. 

This picture is of Rascal and Scamp who are prairie dogs.  I had 5 prairie dogs as pets but after 9 years of good times the last of them passed away a year ago.  I still miss them. 

These are my attempts to  immortalize them in art :)
The first one was a counted cross stitch pattern and I stitched it with cotton floss.  Then I made a tatted frame to go around the oval and it was tacked onto the mat board before it was framed.

The next picture is my own design.  It is crewel embroidery stitched with wool onto linen twill.  I made it for a challenge for a course I took where I had to Incorporate the letter W into my design.  It's all about what is good for a prairie dog to eat.  I made my W with stitched dandelion leaves, oat hay and timothy hay.  And of course it needed a couple of prairie dogs.  I had never tried to stitch an animal without a pattern before.  I thought they came out pretty good for my first attempt.

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